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Roman period

In the Illyrian Wars of 229 and 219 B.C., Rome overran the Illyrian settlements in the Neretva River valley. The Romans made ...


Christianity came to Illyrian-populated lands in the first century A.D. Saint Paul wrote that he preached in the Roman province of Illyricum, ...

History of Ottoman Albania

Ottoman RuleThe expanding Ottoman Empire overpowered the Balkan Peninsula in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. At first, the feuding Albanian clans proved no match for ... me shume

National awakening and the birth of Albania

The Rise of Albanian Nationalism first sparked with the Battle of Deçiq on April 6, 1911, which was located in the town of Tuzi, Malësi ... me shume

History of Albania (1919-1939)

Albania's re-emergence after World War IAlbania's political confusion continued in the wake of World War I. The country lacked a single recognized government, and Albanians ... me shume

Geography of Albania

Albania has a total area of 28,750 square kilometers. It shares a 287-kilometre border with Serbia and Montenegro to the north, a 151-kilometre border with ... me shume

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