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Horoskopi javore

Qe te shikoni horoskopin ditore ju lutem klikoni ketu poshte.
Horoskopi per daten 09 -07 - 2008


Dashi (Mars 21 - Prill 19)  

You have designs on accessing power but you're apt to make premature moves now. You have an inflated sense of your influence and ability. Be cautious and make careful, calculated moves.



(Prill 20 - Maj 21)  

You are feeling confused about what you want to achieve now. Your attention tends to wander but those trained in creative visualization can use it to good effect for clarifying intentions.



Binjaket (Maj 22 - Qershor 20) 

All reason seems to go out the window today. You are apt to be extremely gullible now. Beware of pitches that tell you what you want to hear: there could well be an attempt to manipulate you that way.



Gaforrja (Qershor 21 - Korrik 23)  

You are over-optimistic today. You expect things to happen just because you want them. Engage less in magical thinking and take more responsibility in taking action and doing hard work.



Luani (Korrik 24 - Gusht 23)  

Certain relationships are apt to fall apart. Hidden facts can come to light; for others, facts are not brought out sufficiently well. Emotions are confused as you try to make sense of what you know.



Virgjeresha (Gusht 24 - Shtator 23)  

You are prone to spend on credit now but this is to be avoided. Your optimism about future cash flow may be unwarranted. Spend only what you have and save when you cannot pay now.



Peshorija (Shtator 24 - Tetor 23)

Pay careful attention to your career. Overconfidence or pride can make you overlook the basics and neglect important details. Think less about how important you are and more about how important your service is.



Gaforrja (Tetor 24 - Nentor 22)
You want results to arrive with little effort. You need to pay attention to issues of planning, accumulating resources, staying focused and not wasting money, time and energy on irrelevancies.



Shigjetari (Nentor 23 - Dhjetor 21)  

You see reasons to hide many of your true desires and beliefs. You keep an essential part of your personality secret. You are more aware than usual of impulses that are socially unacceptable.



Bricjapi (Dhjetor 22 - Janar 20)  

You expect to be given top place whether you deserve it or not. Even if you are not the best qualified, you anticipate success. You need to work on yourself in order to be recognized as deserving



Ujori (Janar 21 - Shkurt 19)  

Be very careful about your health. Avoid known allergens and dangerous exposures. Do not make the mistake that you can backslide on a health regimen that's been giving results.



Peshqit (Shkurt 20 - Mars 20)  

You are liable to become very selfish today. You are more interested in what's in it for you, rather than in promoting the general welfare. You need to promote an environment in which everyone prospers.

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